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Body Wrap


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Vichy Shower

Capsule Vichy Shower and Steam

Slimming Phyto-Marine

Our special Phyto-Marine wrap is a combination of ash brown seaweed, Kawa Kawa and nutmeg. This powerful wrap reduces the appearance of bulges, fluid retention and the dimpled appearance of cellulite.

Detoxing Seaweed

This wrap works to boost your body's own efforts to detoxify. Relax and luxuriate in steady warmth while your skin benefits from the wide array or rich minerals, vitamins and enzymes abundant in the seaweed.

Royal Bali Boreh (Hot Body Packing)

A village remedy originated by Balinese rice farmers Boreh is made from a combination of roots, herbs and spices. Apply Boreh all over your body avoiding sensitive areas, and then wrap your body with cloth to keep the paste in contact with your skin. The sensation is of deep penetrating heat that melts away your tension. Boreh helps to warm the body, increases blood circulation, relieves aching joints, sore muscles and headaches and is fever-reducing. If you suffer from rheumatic, bone or muscle aching, we suggest Bali Boreh for you, A very warm herbal mask to warm and to cure you.

Volcanic Mud

Volcanic mud can give the skin a new lease of life. This mineral enriched treatment prevents wrinkles, cleans the pores and replenishes lost nutrients.

Lavender Delight

The lavender wrap with envelops your body to deeply nourish and relaxing.

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Normal Shower, Normal Shower and Steam, Vichy Shower, Capsule Vichy Shower and Steam


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